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Successful watermelon cultivation

The How to Grow Watermelon course is designed to be practical so that you can quickly acquire the skills you need before starting your operation.

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The watermelon is known by its scientific name of Citrullus lanatus and remains one of the cultures that is practiced annually this, because of its constant production which is three to four months. It is cultivated more precisely thanks to its fruit which is very delicious and which contains elements essential to the vitality. Watermelon belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family like cucumber, melon and squash; this fruit has other virtues that are probably essential for the well-being of human health.

This training aims to show you the means necessary to achieve success in your project linked to this culture; Indeed, the training is intended to be practical in order to allow you to reach a maturity in skills in the management of this type of seed in order to launch your operation and put it on sale on the market. This course is structured as follows : 

  • General information on the cultivation of watermelon, 
  • The choice of the site, 
  • The choice of seeds, 
  • Land preparation and watermelon seedlings, 
  • Maturation and Harvesting, 
  • The production of watermelon, 
  • Practical case of sowing.

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What you will learn

  • How to choose a site for a better watermelon culture
  • How to choose watermelon seeds
  • How to prepare the floors
  • How to produce watermelon


  • Généralités
  • Guide pratique pour la culture du la pastèque
  • Traitement et fertilisation de la culture
  • Formation des poquets - cas pratique
  • Récolte du fruit de la pastèque


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This course includes :
  • Une série de formations vidéo pratiques
  • Un guide pratique téléchargeable
  • Une attestation de réussite
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