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How to grow ginger successfully

Ginger in tropical regions is most often used as a spice in the cuisine of various countries. This training will give you the keys to successfully grow it on a large scale

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    Ginger is a plant that belongs to the Zingiberacea family, its scientific name being Zingiber officinale. This plant from the tropics is most often used as a spice in the cooking of different countries. It also has several therapeutic virtues, aphrodisiacs etc ...

    This training aims to give you the knowledge required to embark with confidence in the cultivation of Ginger. It contains a mini business plan with a forecast operating account for one hectare of Ginger. This business plan also contains a schedule of cultural activities. This training lasts 2 hours and is divided into four 30-minute modules :  

    • General information on ginger and choice of seeds 
    • Soil preparation and cultivation 
    • Maturation and harvest 
    • Ginger production: practical case of sowing.

    • Aucun Préréquis

    What you will learn

    • Learn the importance and benefits of ginger cultivation
    • Learn the parameters for a good ginger crop
    • Learn the conditions that promote a good ginger culture
    • Know the varieties of ginger types
    • Know the risks that can reduce ginger production


    • Réussir la culture du gingembre
    • Guide pratique pour la culture du gingembre
    • Guide pratique de la culture des gingembre


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    This course includes :
    • Une formation vidéo pratique
    • Un guide pratique téléchargeable
    • Une attestation de réussite
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