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Successful tomato cultivation

The tomato is one of the most widespread vegetable crops in the world. This training course gives you all the keys to successfully grow tomatoes.

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The tomato, of its scientific name Solanum is a vegetable crop very rich in water, it is a plant that comes out of the Solanaceae family; it is a cultivated widening fruit vegetable; the tomato can be found to be eaten raw or cooked, this fruit is an essential element in many countries, and more particularly in the continent of Africa this crop has or presents varieties of botanical types like the tomato- cherry; thus, from seed to harvest, it takes at least 4 months, or even 5 months depending on the ecological zone where this vegetable crop is produced.

In this training you will have all the cogs and techniques allowing you to succeed in growing tomatoes; In addition, this training lasts 2 hours and is subdivided in particular into the following three modules : 

  • Setting up and maintaining the germinator and / or the nursery,
  • Transplantation, 
  • Processing, harvesting and packaging.

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What you will learn

  • Understanding the prerequisites for growing tomatoes
  • Understand what a sprouter is
  • How to set up lines on a sprouter
  • How to set up a permanent site for growing tomatoes


  • Culture de la tomate - préliminaires
  • Mise en place des lignes sur le germoir
  • Mise en place des lignes sur le germoir et site définitif pour la culture
  • Site définitif pour la culture de tomate
  • Apport en amendements organiques
  • Apport en amendement minéral
  • Comment lutter contre les attaques des insectes et chenilles
  • Fin du cours
  • Guide pratique pour réussir la culture des tomates


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This course includes :
  • Une série de formations pratiques au support vidéo
  • Un guide pratique pour la culture de la tomate
  • Une attestation de réussite
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