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Production of milk yoghurt

This training course gives you various techniques in making yoghurt from milk. It is necessary to get some.

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Yoghurt is obtained by fermentation of milk by lactic bacteria, so it is necessary to consume yoghurt for its richness in vitamin, calcium and energy. This product is made from two ferments Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus and is built up by adding the additional ingredients that are essential for its taste and very circulatory flavour. In this course, you will discover the beauty of the food processing industry and why it is essential in the world of the processing industry through the manufacture and production of the yoghurt drink from milk. 

This course consists of the following modules: 

Module 1: presentation of yoghurt, equipment and raw materials 

Module 2: Practice 

Module 3: packaging and marketing. 

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  • 1 - présentation du yaourt
  • 2 - présentation du matériel
  • 3 - présentation des matières premières
  • 1 Part 1
  • 2 Part 2
  • 1 – Packaging
  • 2 - Commercialisation

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