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Mastering the production of plantain seeds

The PIF method is a simple method to maximize the probability of obtaining healthy banana plants for a better harvest.

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The plantain has been a food consumed for decades. It grows in various ecosystems and has a very high production yield; As for the plantain PIFs, it is a seedling reproduced from a bulb of plantain rejection which manages to give us several seedlings of this plant in question; this reproduction of plantain PIFs has several methods such as the in vitro method, which is developed much more in laboratories; and by great scientists on a large scale; this will be explained to you step by step in the rest of the content of our course.

This training introduces you to one of the most embryonic and essential phases in the production of plantains seeds and plants, it is an essential step for a growing and continuous production of plantains.It is therefore important to know what the PIFs are for. bananas-plantains, and how to reproduce several seedlings of the PIFs of plantains; in this course the modules are as follows : 

  • The reproduction of plantain PIFs (theoretical case)
  • The reproduction of plantain PIFs (practical case) 
  • The setting up of a germinator and the choice of soil 
  • The development of plantain PIFs in the field, maintenance and marketing. 

This training has a duration of 4h 55min

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What you will learn

  • How to make a reproduction of banana-plantain PIFs
  • Learn the methods involved in the reproduction of banana-plantain PIFs
  • How to set up a germinator that will host banana-plantain PIFs
  • How to choose the land
  • How to plant banana-plantain PIFs in a field
  • How to care for banana-plantain PIFs
  • How to market them


  • Introduction
  • Fin de la conclusion
  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • module 3
  • module 4
  • Conclusion


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