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Fabrication du démélant

Cette formation vous donnera les aptitudes nécessaires pour fabriquer de façon autonome et commercialiser les démêlants

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This training intervenes in the manufacture of the disentangling still known on the name of after shampoo that we present in this training is a after shampoo 3 in 1; where all its direction for all the people who wish to launch out in the creation of the cosmetic products or then in the development of the capillary products. In other words, we invite you to do this training because at the end of it, you will have truly acquired the essential bases that will allow you to realize by yourself your own detangling works and to market it, moreover you will benefit from sales techniques and packaging techniques; it is also a question here, of presenting you the different types of after shampoo that you can find on the market. So, after this training you will be able to choose the category of conditioner that suits you and that can allow you to earn a considerable profit. 

This course will give you the necessary skills in the independent manufacture and marketing of conditioners; this course presents 6 modules in total:

  • Generalities
  • Presentation of conditioner 
  • Presentation of materials and raw materials 
  • The practical phase 
  • Packaging
  • The marketing.

The training lasts 5h 65min.


  • Aucun Prerequis

What you will learn

  • Apprendre à quoi sert un démêlant, ses apports et ses avantages au quotidien
  • Apprendre le matériel et les matières premières à utiliser
  • Apprendre la phase pratique
  • Apprendre le packaging
  • Apprendre la commercialisation du démêlant.


  • Introduction
  • Présentation du Démêlant
  • Présentation du matériel
  • Présentation des matières premières
  • Partie 1
  • Partie 2
  • Packaging
  • Commercialisation

Manuela Stella Ntsam Schouer

Manuela Schouer epse Biroki, esthéticienne et cosmeticienne de formation et de profession. Fondatrice de Mourah cosmetics où nous offrons des produits d'entretien et de réparation pour peaux et cheveux afro



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