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Réussir dans la pisciculture

Cette formation vous permettra de vous lancer avec une parfaite maitrise dans la pisciculture

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Fish farming is concerned with the production of freshwater fish or sea fish, and in this course we present you how to produce freshwater fish in hundredths or thousandths depending on the species that is at hand; It is important that both can make the difference between aquaculture and fish farming which are certainly two terms with different prefixes but, with similarities in the context of the breeding of aquatic species; in this course you can do your research regarding these two almost similar activities; One covers the exploitation of all aquatic species and the other as said earlier allows the exploitation and conservation of a particular species that we generally call freshwater fish and or sea fish; The breeding of freshwater fish which is the main objective of this training involves several aspects that allow us to carry out and complete our project of breeding or our project of fish farming; we can cite beforehand the choice of the site which is the major element for the good conduct of this process; it is essential. Insofar as you make a bad choice of site your activity can run up against risks related to safety, loss of your production (due to difficult access to the production site), infrastructure, equipment, food etc. In other words, you will be aware of all the precautions to be taken and the techniques that must be followed from start to finish in order to meet the growing demand in the exploitation of freshwater fish farming. 

The training is presented in 5 sections: 

  • The choice of site, infrastructure, equipement
  • The choice of generic material
  • Monitoring and feeding of freswater fish
  • Profiling and disease
  • Harvesting and marketing

This training has a duration of 8h 05min.

  • Aucun Prerequis

What you will learn

  • Comment faire le choix du site, de l'infrastructure et des équipements
  • Comment faire le choix du matériels génétiques (achat, transport et installation)
  • Comment suivre et structurer l'alimentation des poissons d'eaux douces
  • Comment protéger les poissons d'eaux douces contre les maladies
  • Comment faire de la production et comment commercialiser cette activité


  • Présentation des modules partie 1
  • Présentation des modules partie 2
  • Alimentation
  • Choix du site
  • Infrastructure
  • Equipement
  • Intro + Achat
  • Transports
  • Installation
  • Introduction + Contrôle journalier
  • Pêche de contrôle
  • Pêche de Calibrage
  • Introduction + maladies bactériennes
  • Maladies fongiques
  • Maladie parasitaire
  • Introduction à a gestion des récoltes
  • Commercialisation
  • Conclusion


promoteur de Aquapole qui est une structure de production des poissons d'eau douce (silure, carpes et tilapias) et de formation (en e-learning et en présentiel avec possibilité de logement la ferme) au nouvelles techniques piscicoles.

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