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Réussir la production des alevins

La production des alevins est une étape cruciale pour le pisciculteur. il doit en maitriser toutes les techniques pour garantir d'excellents resultats. Retrouvez les clés pour réus...

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Frying is a process of production of fry as well, fry represent an embryonic species of fish; fry are very varied according to the species and sometimes according to the dates or the years, mature fish can thus, lay each year a great number of eggs to see thousands in certain female species, but, it is important to note that the fry reach the age of reproduction according to the species chosen for the breeding; There is a risk that many of these fry will never reach reproductive age, depending on the variety of fish chosen to carry out your fry production. 

In other words, fry production is a crucial step for the fish farmer. He must master all the techniques to guarantee excellent results. Find the keys to successful fry production in this training course, which is developed over 4 modules: 

  • Generalities
  • The choice of the site 
  • Artificial reproduction 
  • Management and follow-up of fry 

This training lasts 3h 30min.

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What you will learn

  • Comment faire le choix du site
  • Comment faire la reproduction artificielle des alevins
  • Comment gérer et suivre la reproduction des alevins


  • Intro cours sur l'alevinage
  • Choix du site
  • Reproduction artificielle
  • Gestion et suivi

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