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Successful oil palm cultivation

Oil palm is one of the most popular crops in our regions. This crop, although profitable, requires strong skills to carry it out successfully. In this training we will learn everyt...

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The palm tree, of its scientific name "Elaeis guineensis" for the most exploited variety can be cited as a monocotyledonous plant, of the "aceraceae" family; this one, is widely cultivated for the consumption of its fruits and its fruits rich in oil; note that we have several varieties of oil palms namely: "Dura, Pesifera and Tenera"; this culture is used in several sectors of activity such as the food processing industry, in the processing of palm wine generally called "white wine" by the villagers, it is also widely used in the manufacture of soap and in cosmetic industry. 

 Palm oil is nowadays the first source of vegetable fats on the world market, this crop is therefore very popular. The oil palm is also a tropical plant and is less demanding in soil quality, because it tolerates less fertile soils; in fact, the practice of this culture is less expensive with regard to the type of soil to be exploited; in the culture of the oil palm it is important to decide on the type of relief which is not a factor to be neglected in the practice of this type of culture.

This training is an opportunity; this one, presents a very satisfactory content in the development from end to end of this culture and is subdivided into 5 modules :  

  • General information on oil palm cultivation, 
  • The creation, installation and maintenance of a nursery, 
  • The preparation and maintenance of a palm grove, 
  • Fertilization and harvesting techniques in a palm grove, 
  • Oil palm crops and plant replacement.

The duration of the training is 1h 10min.

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What you will learn

  • How to create, install and maintain an oil palm nursery
  • How to prepare and maintain a palm tree
  • Learn the techniques of fertilization and harvesting in a palm grove
  • How to grow oil palm and how to replace the plants


  • Généralités
  • Guide pratique pour réussir la culture du palmier à huile
  • Création, installation et entretient d'une pépinière
  • Création, installation et entretien d'une pépinière (suite)
  • Préparation et entretien de la palmerais
  • Préparation et entretien de la palmeraie (suite)
  • Préparation et entretien de la palmeraie (fin)
  • Techniques de fertilisation et de récolte
  • Techniques de fertilisation et de récolte
  • Remplacement des plants


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