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Successful cultivation of plantains/banana

This training has the advantage of being very practical and will allow you to master all aspects of plantain cultivation

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The plantain and the sweet banana are similar plants and originate from Asia more precisely from India and China according to the history of the plants of sweet bananas and plantains; the sweet banana is used for medical reasons and for a healthy consumption favorable to the well-being of the Man, as regards the plantain/banana; it is widely used in our daily diet.

This training was set up with the aim of promoting this banana-plantain crop, which is among the most popular crops in the whole world because it is a constantly evolving market and with the aim of showing you what is the impact of this culture in the business market concerning the agricultural sector; In addition, the training content consists of 7 modules. Today, bananas are grown in all tropical regions of the world, in Africa, Asia and America. The banana tree lives in tropical countries, under a hot and humid climate : 

  • Generalities 
  • The choice of site 
  • Grounds maintenance and picketing 
  • Cultivation techniques  
  • Phytosanitary treatments 
  • Maintenance and fertilization 
  • The practical case of maintenance operations.

This training lasts about 1h 30min.

  • Aucun prerequis

What you will learn

  • How to choose a site for plantain cultivation
  • How to choose plantain varieties
  • How to develop your land and do the staking
  • Learn the cultivation techniques involved in the practice of plantain cultivation
  • Learn the operations of phytosanitary treatment
  • Learn maintenance and fertilization operations


  • Généralités
  • Guide pratique pour la culture de la banane-plantain
  • Le choix du site
  • Techniques culturales
  • Les techniques culturales (suite)
  • Traitement phytosanitaire
  • Traitement phytosanitaire, entretien et Fertilisation
  • Entretien et fertilisation
  • Entretien - cas pratique: œilletonnage et tuteurage
  • Entretien (fin)
  • La récolte


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This course includes :
  • Une série de formations pratiques au format vidéo
  • Une attestation de réussite
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